GGzE is convinced that people become happier and more satisfied when they participate in society. That is why we help them to discover and use their personal talents. We help people with psychological symptoms to take the next step in a way that suits their potential and ambitions.

We have been offering the best care to people who suffer from psychological problems for  over100 years. We support more than 17,000 people, young and old, from the Eindhoven and De Kempen region and from other parts of the country every year.

How can you organise your life the way you want it? What can you do? In what areas do you need support or help? These questions are at the heart of our working method. Together with you, we map out your wishes, possibilities and obstacles. And then we get to work on what you find important.

GGzE for non-native speakers

We provide psychological treatment exclusively in English. Our Expat Poli is there for English speaking expatriate adults (18+) who have (temporarily) moved to the Netherlands due to work, study or relationship and who are suffering from psychological/psychiatric problems.

We offer:

  • Psychological treatment depending on the severity of the problems. This can involve counselling, psychotherapy, schematherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, traumatherapeutic interventions like EMDR or NET.
  • Group interventions (e.g. the group training ‘Back on Track’)
  • E-health interventions
  • Pharmacotherapy

What we can’t offer:

Treatment of severe addiction problems, acute psychosis, severe eating disorders or neurocognitive disorders. These problems are outside our area of expertise and the Entree team of GGzE can help you further with finding the right department or organisation.

Expat Poli is providing outpatient care only.


GGzE treats your data confidentially. Your details are confidential and remain between you and your care providers. We do not talk to others about your treatment unless you give us permission to do so.


If you are insured as an expat with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with an insurance number, we can declare the care directly with your health insurer. If this is not the case, it is best to contact your health insurer abroad to clarify the reimbursement. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay per session.